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American White Nationalist Views on Iran

National Vanguard Boston Interviewed
Report; Posted on: 2006-01-30 11:04:52
Boston organizer speaks

Third World immigration, will result in our total disappearance on this planet within several generations. If we don’t find some way to secure our continued existence and independence, we will go the way of ancient Persia, which was also once an Indo-European civilization before succumbing to racial mongrelization and an alien ideology, as is evident in modern Iran.

Oslonor: Persians have not disappeared. Persians still live in Iran. The author misunderstands Iran because she does not know that there are different ethnic groups in Iran, some Aryan and some non-aryan.

Why Islam didn't conquer the world I vs. From the plains of medieval France to the modern Mideast, militant Muslims test Christians and Jews.

Charles Martel:

Gibbon called those eight days in 732 "the events that rescued our ancestors of Britain, and our neighbors of Gaul [France], from the civil and religious yoke of the Koran."

Thus, Christianity might now exist in a few miserable oppressed enclaves--or not at all. In Persia, militant Islam overran a kingdom with a firmly established, 2,000-year-old religion. Bumped into any Zoroastrians lately?

Oslonor: Actually Arabs did not impose Islam on Persia. Islam was imposed in 15 century by a Turkish dynasti called Safavid. Safavids also killed millions of Zoarastrians. Still Iranians today are Zoarstrians in culture and their national traditions. Even today the new year is based on Zoarastrian traditions and not Islamic traditions.

Inside the 'Axis of Evil'

Report; Posted on: 2004-10-08 14:56:37
A White nationalist visits Iran.

by Eric Richardson

During one conversation, which drifted uncontrollably towards the implied Iraqi connection, an incredulous shopkeeper asked, “Don’t you Americans realize that we are not Arabs?”

While I was familiar with the Indo-European lineage of the Persians, and with their historical accomplishments, I was surprised by how many of today’s Persians, especially in Tehran, have retained the fair skin and features of their Aryan ancestors. A small minority of the Persians, in fact, would have no difficulty passing physically for Europeans.[9] This was in contrast to the admittedly small number of Iranians that I had met in North America, whose dark complexions and alien features had not suggested any kinship with our race.

9. My very unscientific head-count in Tehran suggested that somewhere between 5 and 10% of the population could pass for European. In other parts of Iran, this percentage was lower.

Oslonor: Again this article is based on author's misunderstanding about what is Iranian and what is Persian. He thinks that there is an Iranian race and some happen to look like Europeans and some just happen to look non-european. He is not aware of different ethnic groups who live in Iran, some Aryan and some non-aryan. There is no Tehrani race either. There are different ethnic groups who live in Tehran. Actually Tehran is the homeland of Azeris turks who are not Aryans. Pars province in south central Iran and the North eastern province in Khorasan is the homeland of Persians. The small minority who he thinks can pass as Europeans are actually the Persians and those "Persians" who do not look like Europeans are actually Iranians (Non-Persian Iranians).

Anti-Semitism and Anti-Aryanism
Opinion; Posted on: 2004-05-06 21:03:16
by H. Millard

What is an Aryan? One definition is that it is simply a non-Jewish White person. Most readers of this column are probably Aryans even if they don't know it and have internalized the anti-White propaganda that there's no such thing as an Aryan. No such thing? You mean there are no non-Jewish White people? Sorry, White-haters, the word does have validity when defined this way. Now, what do we know about Aryans? Well, history shows us that enough of them have such an aptitude and love for machines that we can probably assume this is a genetic trait. Aryans, generally speaking, like to invent machines, like to tinker with machines, like to constantly improve machines, like to make them more efficient.

Some even try to argue that there's no such thing as an Aryan. This is a childish and illogical argument, because if we define Aryan to mean "a non-Jewish white person of European descent," as we do, and if there are non-Jewish white people of European descent, which there are, then Aryans, by definition, exist. However, there is no magic in the word Aryan. It's just a convenient term. Any word that is accepted by the people it defines could be substituted for this term. You could, for example, say that the name for "non-Jewish white European people," is Xktlp, and it too would be valid. Ultimately, all words are just made up ways to express something.

There's a significant genetic difference between Iraqis and Iranians, which may have a huge impact if we go to war with Iran -- the Iranians, though most of them are not White by our standards, possess a substantial European genetic component.

Oslonor: A non-Jewish white Person of European descent is not a definition of Aryan. It excludes Persians and includes Anglo-Saxons. This is a Nordish definition of a white European. For a discussion of Nordish and Aryan visit here. Aryan is not an arbitarary term. It is a theory in anthropology which connects Scandinavians and Germans with Persians and Afghans. Again there is no Iranian race which is "not white by our standards" but "possess a substantial European genetic component" according to MR. Millar. There are different ethnic groups in Iran. Some have a european genetic component and some do not have one. Some ethnic groups look like white europeans and other ethnic groups do not look like white Europeans. Some are Aryans some are not Aryans.

On the other hand Mr. Millard is talking about some mythical "Iranian race" which is "not white by our standard" but "has some European genes". Actually the aryan Persians are "white by our standard" and share "Europeans genes". And some other ethnic groups in Iran may "not be white by Mr Millard standard" and do not share "any European genes".

"Making efficient machines" is not monopolized by Aryans either. Non-Aryans also make "efficient machines" to quote Mr. Millard.

Also majority of Iraqis are not Arabs. They have adopted the Arabic language. There is also a Persian component in the Iraqi population as Persians have lived in Mesopotamia since ancient times.

In summary Mr. Millard position is to undermine the original Aryan migration theory and replace it with a comic version of "who are Aryans" Mr. Millard is promoting the "Nordish Race" theory which will ultimately include the Ashkenazi Jews as members of Mr. Millard "Aryan Race" and will exclude undesirable elements such as Persians from his "Aryan people".

To clarify the the difference between Persian and Iranian, Iranian is defined as all citizens of Iran. Persian is an ancient nation that still lives as a minority in Iran.

"Then, I'd say that Iran is not a nation but a state. Persian is a nation, Kurd is a nation, etc. There's some confusion on what's a nation and what's a state, this is caused partly because of the Romantic European ideology of nation-state, which is just an ideal not any reality in most cases.

I think the Iranian identity is varied, but today the people who identify with it mostly are Iranians from Iran. I think Kurds, Afghans, Baloch, Tajiks, and even Uzbeks identify themselves historically with Persia, but they do not identify themselves as an Iranian."

Slide show on Persians and Iranians(AzeriTurks) and afghans.


Iranians (AzeriTurks)



Caspiar said...

Again, some of what you have said is accurate. Then again, some is not. Yes, modern-day Iraqi's are not all Arabs for they have Persian blood in them from the time the empire of the Achaeminid kings stretched from the Indus Valley to North Africa and from the Aral Sea to the Persian Gulf. However, I would like to reiterate that you should STOP calling Azeris Turks. They are aryans not Turks. They are an ethnic group of Iranians like the Persians, Kurds, Baluchis, Turkomans, Lurs, etc. Yes, the Turkomans are Turkish but NOT the Azeris. You are getting Turkomans and Azeris mixed up. Besides, if an Azeri and a Turk from Istanbul were, let's say, to try and hold a conversation, it wouldn't last 10 seconds because their languages are quite dissimilar. Azerbaijan was once the heart of Iran and it still would be if the Russians hadn't fought long and hard to take it from us. The Azeris, like the Afghanis, are a strong and proud Nordic people who can really put up a fight. As a matter-of-fact, some Azeris are Russian. For your information, even the Turks of Turkey are a mixture of aryan and mongolian. The Azeris were invaded by the Turks and were, thus, forced to speak their language. It was imposed on them, don't you understand? Stop trying to divide Iranians. Haven't Iranians been divided long enough? I have lived all over the world and have been dissapointed to discover that many people, for one reason or another, wrongly assume that Persians are non-aryan. For some time now I have come to realize why our country has become an Islamic Republic: it's because we are divided from within. I'd like to point out that even the pictures you show don't validate what you are attempting to claim. Miss Germany 2005, a Persian, has black hair. Does that make her a Turk? Iman, the guy you show to be Azeri, has beautiful blue eyes and, as far as I'm concerned, aryan features akin to Jude law. So I suggest you really think about what you are saying and rather than make grandiose or unfounded claims, why don't you read certified journals and publications on the subject of the aryans and the peoples of Ancient Persia? I can't believe your wife is an Iranian and can put up with your nonsensical theories. There is no significant difference between Persians and Azeris - they are one and the same. Moreover, I can't believe most of the anonymous commentators, who happen to be Iranian, also believe that Azeris are Turks. It is such a pity that very few Iranians bother to research the splendor and rich history of one of the greatest civilizations the world has ever seen.

Cyrus Kourosh said...

Azeris aren't Turks...

Serdan said...